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What is Black FridayWhat is Black Friday & When is Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It’s a day when you can get great deals on goods it has been regarded as the beginning of Christmas shopping season in the U.S and most major retailers open very early and more recently during overnights hour’s and offer promotion sales. Black Friday is not an official holiday. It has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. At black Friday there are too much crowed at stores so there are many chances of injury and fighting of people.

“Black” refers to stores moving from “red” to the “black”, back when accounting records were kept by hand and red ink indicated a loss and black a profit.

When Black Friday :

The fourth Thursday of November so that will be on Friday, 26th November, 2021.

Black Friday Gifts:

If you join the sale scrum on Black Friday you could buy your family and friends Christmas presents. You can buy video games, clothes, Blu-ray disc player, toys and personal electronics as the most wanted gift of today. You can also buy camera because everyone loves camera etc.

Cheap rates on Black Friday:

 There are numerous door buster deals and loss leaders price so low the store may not make a profit to entice shoppers. As retailer began to realize they could draw big crowds by discounting prices Black Friday became the day to shop even better than those last minutes Christmas sales. Some retailers put their items up for sale on the morning of Thanksgiving or email online special to consumer days or weeks before the actual event. The most shopped for items are electronics and popular toys as these may be the most drastically discounted. However prices are slashed on everything from home furnishings to apparel.

Black Friday shopping idea:
  • Firstly set a Budget then plan for shopping
  • And check store policies.
  • Beware the extend warranty
  • Pay with plastic
  • Always get a gift receipt
  • Bring all appropriate adds
  • Bring a friend with for at shopping for fun and teamwork
  • Bring a snack
  • Keep your cool

Black Friday sayings:

Some people see black Friday as a much needed break for their wallet. I see it as retail outlets showing the customers the full weight of their contempt. The frenzy to buy cheap crap from china the human downgrade of people fighting with each other over items they can probably live without to me is an insult.
By (Henry Rollins)

Black Friday Quotes:

Hurry up there’s a sale!
“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday Messages:

Keep telling yourself that you’re going to be first to get that deal.
Shopping on black Friday is very dangerous and should only be considered if you are in good health.
Never face the Horde alone.