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M”ind touching”
E”ffect which wins the hearts…
Yes… It’s your sweet smile so keep smiling always, good morning!
There are many stars but the Moon is U,
There r many friends but the best is U,
To forget me is up to U,
To gorget U is something I’ll never do!
*** Good Morning ***!
Night has ended yesterday,
morning brings another day.
May you smile like the sunny rays
and leave your worries at the bright blue bay.
Good Morning!
It makes me so happy,
this is what I’m gonna do,
Send a good morning message
right back to you,
Good Morning my Friend.
5 Steps to a Lovely Morning:
Open your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Throw aside the covers.
Get up from bed.
And read my message.
Good Morning my love.
May I come into your world?
I bring no flowers, No cakes,
But wishes to keep you fresh,
Prayer to keep you healthy,
And love to keep you smiling…
Good Morning….
I woke up one day and thought something was missing. So I got up from my bed, grabbed my cell phone and sent you a morning greeting. Good Morning!
You have a cute yawn on your face, a cup of coffee in your hands. All that remains is a good morning message from me. Have a great morning!
I’m thinking of you and wish you a great day I want the best for you and hope things go your way.
Look outside the window, sun rising for u, flowers smiling for u, birds singing 4 u, b’coz last night I told them to wish you u good morning!
Lovely wishes 2 a lovely person on a lovely day.


Cute Good Morning Sms for Her

Cute Good Morning Sms


1. “I took everyone to the store with me so that you can relax. We will be back in an hour or so. Please sleep in and relax. I will bring home brunch!”

2. “Hey baby. I know that you had a long night, so I sent you a picture of the sunrise, so you could see how beautiful it looked today.” (send a real picture)

3. “Come downstairs. I have a surprise for you!” (cook her breakfast)

4. “I woke up early and decided to take a picture of the puppy for you. It will make your day.”

5. “Good morning, my love. No matter what happens today or what happened yesterday, I want you to know that you’re the one for me. I love you.”

6. “I wish I had a time machine. I would go back in time to be there every day when you woke up.”

7. “You are my shining light. Now it’s time to wake up and show the world you’re magic.”

8. “Alert! It’s time for the world’s most beautiful woman to wake up and start her day.”

9. “If you’re feeling down today, remember to take a deep breath and always know that I will have your back.”

10. “I didn’t want to wake up this morning, and then I thought of you and couldn’t fall back asleep.”