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Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know.
My riches do not lie in material wealth,
but in having friend like you – a precious gift from God.
Aix rules to be HAPPY:
Free your heart from hatred,
Free your mind from worries,
Live simply,
Expect less,
Give more
& Always have ME as your FRIEND..
Friendship is Something Special any person can have.
You learn to love & communicate and you feel special yourself… !
YoU lift my hopes,when I m down,
YoU can make me smile when I frown
my problems,my worries,U solve them all,
YoU are always there 2 answer my call
when every1 turns agaist me,U R there,
U shatter away my problems & fears
when I am down & blue,
my problems,difficulties all fade away,
& there”s no such deariness in the day
when I M all alone U still R there,
so just I want 2 say,
my dearest FRIEND…..
Friend is one, who (F)inds you in a (R)ush of people,
(I)nspires you to do something in life, catch your
(E)motions and (N)ever leaves you till (D)eath.
Met u, became frnds,
shrd secrets, freaked out,
had fun, fought with u,
Laughed with u, Smiled with u,
Cried with u, Hurt u, Teased u,
And here i am, still thinking of u..
Long journey, huh!!?
And we shall never let it end, right?
Friends are like fishes.
you have to sit patiently for a long time
to catch a good one.
Just like I caught you.
so better stay nice otherwise
I will FRY U..;)
Promize me we are true frnds
I am lamp you are light
I am Coke you are Sprite
I am Sawan you are badal
I am Normal you are Pagal
I am Water you are Tanki
I am Tarzan are Monkey
Age appears to be best in some things.
Old wood best to burn.
Old books best to read.
Old rice best to eat
and old friends best to keep
Thank u, frnd, for all da things
That mean so much 2 me

For concern and understanding
u give abundantly
God made the world with a heart full of love,
then he looked down from Heaven above,
And saw that we all need a helping hand,
Someone to share with, who’ll understand.
A daily thought,
A silent tear,
A Constant wish that you are near,
Words are few but thoughts are deep,
Memories of our friendship i will always keep..
The awkward moment
When you throw something
At your friend and it hits somebody else.