May “Eid ul-fitar” bring peace smoothness and best time of your life

Eid ul-fitar: Is an important religious holiday celebrated by worldwide Muslims that mark the end of Ramadan. That day Muslims give thanks to Allah for his bounty and mercy celebrate the holy days and wish each other well. The day of eid is selected by the observation of new moon by local religious authorities, so the exact day of celebration varies by locality. However in most countries it is generally celebrated on the same day as Saudi Arabia.

Eid ul-fitar has a particular Islamic prayer consisting of two units and generally offered in an open field or large hall.

Obligatory Before offering prayers of eid ul fitar Muslims give charity to needy people.

Celebration: Before the day of celebration Muslims give charity to poor people and offering eid ul fitar prayers and well dressed up with wearing new clothes and use fragrance, and visit friends and relatives. Greeting “a blessed eid” and given gifts and money to children. The joyous of Happy Eid ul-fitar is on for last three days.


Eid ul-fitar wishes: as Allah shower his blessings upon all of us and fill our life with happiness and open all the door of success and May we blessed with unlimited joy, prosperity forever.


Eid ul-fitar gifts: it’s the time when Muslims send their warm wishes to their dear one and offer them gift as a love.  Before the event occur Muslims used to send Eid cards and greeting to each others. On the occasion of Eid you can gift holly Quran to your dear ones. What can be a better gift than a holy Quran. We can also gift a variety of dry fruits and chocolates, hazelnuts, a box full of sweets, cake and bouquet of flowers, canvas and a special piece of jewelry is the most adorable gift for Eid ul-fitar and a branded clothe for your dear ones these are the best gift on Eid ul-fitar.


Eid ul-fitar messages: The celebration of Eid festival is itself a model of Islamic society and holy prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) best explained this model by his personal example it is reported that he used to wear a special dress to grace the occasion but it was never costly one and was always reach of every body. Once umer gifted him a costly dress and requesting him to wear it on eid but Holy prophet immediately returned the dress observing that it did not behave a believer to wear such a costly dress the result was that all the companions dressed simply on this occasion and consequently this simplicity became a symbol of the Islamic society.

Conclusion: so eid ul fitar is celebrated on the completion of Ramadan. At the conclusion of prayer the Muslim should convey. Eid is a time of forgiveness, self reflection and giving to charity.