Hajj Mubarik sayings , sms , messages, greetings, quotes & wishes 2023

In a sea of brotherhood let us remember Allah in unity Hajj Mubarik


Meaning of hajj:

                         The word hajj in Arabic meant “to go”.  Hajj comes with season all its own starting from 1st zill-hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj is a pilgrimage that occurs during the Islamic month of dhu al hijjah to the holy city of mecca. Every able bodied Muslim is obliged to make the pilgrimage to mecca at least once in their lifetime if he or she can afford it. Our prophet (PBUH) offered hajj once in his life. Hajj is obligatory on every Muslim.


Rites of hajj:

                       Hajj consist in all actions and words reported in accounts of the prophet’s hajj, such as tawaaf or walking around the kabah seven times running between the hills of safaa and marwa seven times, standing at arafaah stoning the jamaraat(stone pillars representing the shaytaan) at mina etc. hajj brings immense benefit to people as they declare the unity of Allah there is forgiveness for pilgrims, Muslims get to know one another and learn the rules of their religion and so on.

When hajj does become obligatory?

  • When we attain physical maturation.
  • When we own enough money to afford the journey of hajj.
  • After fulfilling all the needs of our dependants in our absence
  • Paying any due debt
  • When we physically capable of making the journey. Physical or mental illness/injury or physical danger in the way makha will rule out the hajj for us.
  • When as a female a mehram male is also available to accompany us with the hajj.

When hajj Mubarik:

Hajj is done on 10th zul-hajj which is the last month of hijri calendar. By George calendar the date of hajj will be on  Mon, Jun 26, 2023


Hajj Mubarik Quotes:

                                      May Allah accept your hajj and forgive all your sins. Sound hajj has no reward except paradise.

Do your best and Allah will do the rest!

hajj Mubarik messages:

                                          May Allah accepts the efforts of the rest of the Muslim world accepts our worship, our remembrance of his being, of the hujjaj and the house and the glorious Abrahim history which was the origin point of this major sign of Muslim faith. May he also accept our qurbani, and may he remove our ills in our performance of worship qurbani and hajj.  We get message of harmony from hajj.

Hajj mubarik Messages “Hajj offered with all requirements is reward with paradise.”


Hajj Mubarik status:

                                     Congratulation on your hajj may the joy of this holy event change your spirit with grace and excitement for the rest of your life.

Congratulations that is now hajj. J

Hajj mubarik sayings:

                                      The prophet (PBUH) said: “the best jihad (for women) is hajj mubarik.”


                               The prophet (PBUH) said: “one who offers hajj in his way and doesn’t speak obscene language and doesn’t commit sins, will come back (purified) as he was at the time of his birth.”

Hajj Wishes Messages Quotes and Poems with ecards

ou Are a Very Blessed Person To Be Celebrating Today.
I Wish to Send you My Warmest Heart Filled Greetings
And Wish you and your Family The Best that this Day can Offer.
Hajj Mubarak…!!!
Mubarak Ho Hum Sab Ko Hajj Ka Mahena
Na Thi Meri Qismat Ke Dekhon Medina,

Madiny Waley Ko Mera Salaam
Dena Mera Salaam Dena…!!!
Hajj Mubarak…!!!
Congratulation on Your Hajj
May the Joy of this Holy Event
Change Your Spirit With Grace
And Excitement for the Rest of
Your Life…!!!

Happy Hajj…!!!
To All Those Member Whoes Parents,
Relatives or Friends or Any Person is Going to Perfrom
“HAJJ” May ALLAH Subhanwatalla Accepts All Their Prayer
And May HE Accepts Their HAJJ Because Not Everyone
Get Chance to Visit HIS House so Every Body Just Pray
For All Those Muslims Who are Perfroming HAJJ This Year
May ALLAH Bless Us All and May We Get Chance to Visit
HIS House and be Among Those Lucky People INSHALLAH…!!!

Hajj Mubarak To All Muslims…!!!
Ek Bar To KABA Dekhun Main
Ek Aas Lagaye Betha Hun,

Ek Bar To KABA Dekhun Main
Us Shehar Ki Pur Kaif Hawaon Main,

Ek Bar To Jeena Dekhun Main
Pyasa Hun Aab-E-Zam Zam Ka,

Ek Bar To Pee K Dekhun Main,
Phir Chahe Hosh Gawa Bethun,

Bus Ik Baar MADINA Dekhun Main,
Bus Ik Baar MADINA Dekhun Main…!!!

Hajj Mubarak…!!!
I Have Reached Saudi Arabia,
I Am In Khana-e-Kaaba,
I Am In Masjid-e-Nabwi,
I Am In Mina,
I Am In Arafat,
I Have Done Qurbani,
I Have Performed My Hajj…!!!!

Hajj Mubarak to all…!!!
Congratulation on your
may the joy of this holy
event change your spirit
with grace and excitement
for the rest of your life.
May Allah
Make all your dreams
Wishes come true.
Hajj Mubarak
Mera salaam dena…..
Mubarak ho tm sbko Hajj ka maheena
na thi meri qismat ke dekhooN Madina
Madine waale ko mera salaam dena
Mera Salaam Dena…
I have reached Saudi Arabia
I am in Khana-e-Ka’aba
I am in Masjid-e-Nabwi
I am in Mina
I am in Arafat
I have done Qurbani
I have performed my Hajj
Eid Mubarak
EiD-ul-Azha ka,
,’,’ * buht
‘, ‘, , Mubark h?
‘ ,’,’,’,’ ‘Dua he k
ye ‘BarktoN wala MaheeNa apke lye DheroN kushiyan laye.
ALLAH aapko,
khobsorat ankhon wali,
gulabi honton wali,
khobsorat jism wali,
qurbani k liye atta farmaye (Ameen) Hajj Mubarik
May Allah flood ur life
wid happiness on this occasion,
ur hert wid love,
ur soul wid spirtual,
ur mind wid wisdom,
wishing u and ur family
Very HAPPY Hajj Mubarik
chand dikh gaya
mubarak ho
chalo chalo
bakra mandi chalo
5000 lo bakra do
ghomao phirao
chara khilao
ab eid ka din he
bakra girao
Is se pehle
.Hajj Mubarik
.+” “+” “+.
“. WISH .”
“+. U .+”
“*” *
*._.*A *._.*
*._*OF HAJJ*_.*
Tmam musalmano ko
You Are a Very Blessed Person To Be Celebrating Today.
I Wish to Send you My Warmest Heart Filled Greetings
And Wish you and your Family The Best that this Day can Offer.

Hajj Mubarak…!!!
Aik Baar Tu KABA Deikhun Main
Aik Aaas Lagye Bitha Hoon,
Aik Baar Tu KABA Dekhun Main
Uss Shehar Ki Poori Kaif Hawaon Main,
Aik Baar Tu Jinna Dekhoun Main
Pyaasa Hoon Ab-E-Zaam Zaam Ka,
Aik Baar Tu Pee Ke Dekhun Main,
Phir Chahy Hosh Gawwa Bithun,
Bus Ek Bar MADINA Dikhun Main,
Bus Ek Bar MADINA Dekhoun Main…!!!
Hajj Mubarak…!!!
Hajj a journey that starts off by seeking
for his forgiveness and culminates with
giving out forgiveness to others
Madine main aesi fiza lag rahi hai,
Ke jannat ki jesse hawaa lag rahi hai,
Madine pohanch kar zameen ko jo dekha,
Yeh jannat ka jese pata lag rahi hai..

Hajj Mubarik
Jiss Ne Hajj Kiya
Or Iss Mein Fasaak Or
Burayion Se Bachha Raha
Tu Aisa Paak Ho Saaf Ho Kr Loty Ga
Jisy Us Din Tha
Jb Isy Is Ki MAA Ne Janam Diya…!!!