May “Eid ul-fitar” bring peace smoothness and best time of your life

Eid ul-fitar: Is an important religious holiday celebrated by worldwide Muslims that mark

Happy Eid Sms – Happy Eid Mubarak -Eid Messages

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The Month of Blessings “Ramadan”

Month of Blessings Ramadan: The word Ramadan comes from Arabic root ramida or

Ramadan Mubarak Sms Text Messages

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About Happy Fathers Day Sayings

Introduction: Fathers day is celebrated to honor our father in this day you say thanks to your father for all his efforts to make life easier and happier. Father’s day

Father’s Day Gifts, Ideas for Dad

Introduction: Father’s is observed on the 3rd Sunday of June the date will 19th. It is observed by many countries. It’s celebrated annually. It’s the day of honor for all