Giving thanks today tomorrow always is “ThanksGiving Day”

History of Thanksgiving Day:                        Thanks giving day is an important public holiday.

Much patriotic significance attached to “Memorial Day 2021”

What is Memorial Day? Memorial Day was a holiday in memory of soldiers

Vivid Sydney | Light, Music & Ideas Festival 2022

The best popular festival around the world “Vivid Sydney2022” About vivid Sydney:                                    

About Friendship Quotes

What is Friend: “A single soul in two Bodies?” A friend is a

May “Eid ul-fitar” bring peace smoothness and best time of your life

Eid ul-fitar: Is an important religious holiday celebrated by worldwide Muslims that mark the end of Ramadan. That day Muslims give thanks to Allah for his bounty and mercy celebrate

The Month of Blessings “Ramadan”

Month of Blessings Ramadan: The word Ramadan comes from Arabic root ramida or ar-ramad. This means scorching heat or dryness. Obligation: fasting is obligatory for adults Muslim and 9 years