Watch TV on Android? Very easy with these IPTV apps, the best


The first is Lat IPTV. This app allows you to set your IPTV M3U playlists. It can also be linked to YouTube videos (or VK if you know Russian). It also allows HTTP and UDP and many other formats, which allows us to add almost any TV channel to the app. It also allows you to organize it as you need.

IPTV apps


A more explicit name cannot have, direct IPTV. It allows you to view both your company’s IPTV and M3U lists to watch other channels. With a more modern interface adapted to the new era. With a dark background and bluish menus. It is an app that stands out for its simplicity and way of doing it, so it is a favorite of many users.


Ad-free, it is one of the IPTV apps for Android with an easy-to-use interface, it supports HLS, RTSP, UDP, RTMP protocols and M3U lists. In exchange? To create an account in OttPlayer, application. Sounds like a good exchange, right?

IPTV Smarter Pro

This app for adding IPTV content offers support for API codes and of course the ability to add M3U playlists. It has a very attractive interface where we find different options, separated between live TV, series and movies, even an option for multiple screens.

IPTV player Newplay

A complete IPTV player with the ability to share content on Chromecast. In addition, we have the possibility to add reminders for programs or TV content and thus avoid forgetting to watch our favorite program. On the other hand, it has an automatic shutdown in case we fall asleep.

IPTV Extreme

We can see IPTV lists from both telephone companies or contracted premium services, such as m3U lists. It does not have its own player, so it will be necessary to install an external app, or use the built-in player if it supports streaming files.

Perfect player IPTV

It offers a very visual distribution of all elements, especially when browsing the M3U lists, as it has IPTV support with groups of channels, logos and EPG formats. It has a website that we can go to to get channel playlists.

Flix video player

Supports both M3U and M3U8 lists. Additionally, we can cast content to Chromecast with a simple option in the app’s main menu. It supports everything the developers call “media formats”, of which there are several levels. All this compatibility will make the player accept any file format, be it video or audio, as well as different scripts.


This is one of the apps that integrates its own streaming player, without the need for an external application. It offers on-demand content with embedded IMDB descriptions, obviously if it’s the case of a movie or series. If we change smartphones or want to watch IPTV content on another device, we have a synchronization system that saves and restores made settings.


With an interface similar to VLC, it has similar support for playing IPTV channels of all kinds. In addition, it has a system to add content from different platforms such as Netflix, HBO, YouTube or Switch, and play streaming videos.


Another popular app for IPTV users is GSE SmartIPTV. With support for sharing on Chromecast, with 31 different languages ​​(with Spanish among them, of course), with the ability to change the theme, parental control and, of course, copy and paste the M3U lists.

VLC for Android

Surprise! VLC not only serves to play audio and video locally, but also plays the role of an IPTV player. In the “Broadcasting” option we will have the option to add a code to get a list of channels or just a specific channel.

wise game

If we talk about IPTV, wise game should appear on the list. This app is one of the most supported lately. Wiseplay, like Kodi, is for more than just watching IPTV. It is a multimedia platform where you can play your files, send to Chromecast, VR videos and your own browser and of course IPTV lists.
iptv android apps Wiseplay


Surely many of you and you know Kodi. A very popular app that has always been used to create your own multimedia platform. And you can also add your IPTV list to be able to play TV from there.

Kodi is possibly one of the most versatile, as it acts as your own multimedia server, but also for watching TV.

Ace Stream Media

We will be able to reproduce all IPTV content with higher quality because it supports P2P storage. To do this, we will need a good internet connection to support MKV and ACC formats, which will provide a higher video performance than we are usually used to.

Server Cast | Videos for Chromecast

This app, ServerCast, It is characterized by the ease of sending things to a Chromecast or a Smart TV. You can put your IPTV lists in Server Cast, play them on your TV and use the app as a remote control. This is an experience very similar to watching television in a traditional way.

TVCast – IPTV everywhere

And finally we have TVCast, an app that stands out for the amount of support it has for different platforms. And you can use it on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast or TVCast Web Player (your own website) from PC. Apart from that, its operation is simple, you go into your M3U list and enjoy the content.

Pluto TV: TV for the Internet

Through this tool, we can watch more than 100 TV channels, making it one of the best IPTV service providers. It is true that to watch more TV channels they can only be enjoyed with a premium plan, but with the free version we can watch a good handful of channels.

SimplePlayer IPTV

A very simple application that has a fairly simple menu to enter the lists of all the channels we want. All this is possible thanks to the application’s compatibility with different standards such as M3U, M3U8, XSPF, WPL or ASX. In addition, it is also compatible with Android TV and has the option of remote control.

IPTV Lite – HD IPTV Player

As in the previous IPTV apps on Android, in this app you can add your m3u lists to watch dozens of channels you live TV on your device. Once the IPTV list is added, it is saved in the app and you can access it later to continue watching your favorite channels on the built-in player.

smart IPTV

Both for Android TV and for Smart TV or devices with WebOS we find the application Smart IPTV. An application that we can also install on any TV box with the Android TV operating system and on Amazon Fire TV devices. Therefore, it is one of those that offer the greatest compatibility.


This application allows you to watch TV online on a Samsung, LG or Android Smart TV. However, for this it may be necessary to make some configuration adjustments. Once we have identified ourselves as developers, we go to the application section, we place ourselves on one of them and press the center button or OK on the remote control for about 5 seconds.

Until we get the hidden menu. In some models we will find development to configure the IP and what we have to do is to click on the option to synchronize the user’s SSiPTV applications. Read More Information then Visit here