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Every Tear Will Be A Sign Of Cutting Onions.
Every Silence Will Be A Sign Of Balance Nil.
Every Smile Is Would Be A Sign Of Brushing Daily !!
So, Brush Before You Smile.
Life Is Simple,
Don’t Make It Complicated.
Fact About Women:
They Can See A Hair Of A Girl
On Their Husband’s Coat From 20 Meters,
But Can’t See A Pillar From 2 Meters
While Parking A Car . . . :
Misuse Of English!

A Diagram In A Book Was Not Clear
So Da Teacher Drew The Diagram On Da Blackboard
Dont Look At The Book Figure,
Look At My Figure :d
My Heart Is Like A Mobile
And You Are The Sim Card

I M Very Happy. . .

Dont B Too Happy. . .
If I Get A New Offer
I Will Change The Sim Card..!
Worlds Smallest Resignation Letter?

Respected Sir,

I Love Ur Wife.

Thank You
Teacher :
Correct The Sentence,
“A Bull And A Cow Is Grazing In The Field”

Student :
“A Cow And A Bull Is Grazing In The Field”

Teacher :

Student : Ladies First.
A : U R Active
B : U R Best
C : U R Cute
D : U R My Dearest
E : U R Excelant
F : U R Alwayz First
G : U R Great

Sorry Cant Lie Till Z…
Teacher :
What Do You Call A Person
Who Keeps On Talking When
People Are No Longer Interested?

Pupil :
A Teacher.
Tomorrow There Will Be A Lecture On Sun.
Everyone Must Attend It.

No! I Will Not Be Able To Attend It.


My Mother Will Not Allow Me To Go So Far !!
Officer! There’s A Bomb In My Garden!

Don’t Worry. If No One Claims It
Within Three Days, You Can Keep It.
Your Teacher Says She Finds It
Impossible To Teach You Anything!

That’s Why I Say She’s No Good!