Vivid Sydney | Light, Music & Ideas Festival 2022

The best popular festival around the world “Vivid Sydney2022”

About vivid Sydney:

                                    Sydney shines during winter each year when vivid Sydney warms up the city with a celebration of light, music and ideas. The creative heart of Sydney finds expression through a dynamic program featuring amazing light art, and plenty of opportunities to turn your inspiration into action. It is known as the most popular and world’s largest demand of this festival by lighting, music and ideas it also feature          great innovation events where robots made by participants battle it out, the new CLIPPED music video festival.

Vivid lights has walls that talk, shadows that spring into colors and facades that reveal a hidden world of fantasy and magic. The city transforms into a nighttime wonderland through large scale illuminations, laser lightshows and 3D mapped projections.

Vivid music will host a lively high hip pop stars come and electric range of live performance and ground breaking music collaborations, from local to international act.

Sydney made market which celebrates all things handmade by modern artisans and Designers. This festival is celebrated on different locations. This festival is the best way to entertain public and give creative ideas.

Vivid ideas: a stimulating program of public talks with 150 events examining issued and topics.

When vivid festival:

                                    Due to popular demand vivid Sydney the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas will run for an additional five nights in 2022, from August 6-28 2022 . In 2022 you can enjoy vivid Sydney for more nights and in more locations.

Message for vivid festival:

                                               In vivid festival lighting and decorating are an important part of the festival, because residents and visitors enjoy driving through our beautiful arrangement and technology so the business owners residential alike are invited to do outdoor decorating.

Background: vivid began as a smart light festival in 2022 for energy efficiency


Views: we can say it is the most colorful and full of joy festival. There are always some colorful characters to see.


Conclusion: vivid Sydney is an annual outdoor lighting festival with impressive light installations. Part of lighting festival also includes performance from local and international musician and an ideas exchange forum featuring public talks and debates from leading creative thinker.