Friendship sms in English

Bachpan mai mere Doston K
pas Watch nhi thi Lekin time sb k pas
Aj sb pas branded Watches hen lekin
Time ksi K pas nhi
A Silent Msg for All Friends
Some people give tears and make us cry;
Some give smiles and make us laugh;
But only rare can give us Laughing Tears and Crying Smiles.
Those are our Best Friends like you!
A bond of love,
A medal of trust.
A shoulder in sadness,
A hand in darkness.
A special relation to hold,
An ear where secrets can be told.
An appreciator for
Something that doesn’t cost.
A jewel never to be lost.
Is the magic called
Friend means no Reasoning

Friend means just Believing
Friend is that who Never Believe

in last 3 alphabets of FRIEND.
A friend is sweet when its new….
but it is sweeter when its TRUE!
But u know what?
Its sweetest when its you.
Love is a special word for

Care is a special word for

Friend is a special word for

And U r very special for
Friends will come and friends will go
The session will change n
It will slow
I will age n so will u ..
But our friendship stays strong n true !
A ring is round
and has no end
and thats how long
i will be your friend ūüėČ
If friends were flowers,
I would not pick you.
I’ll let you grow in the garden,
and cultivate you with love,
and care so i can keep you
as a friend forever ūüėČ
Loveless life is a fruitless tree!
But Friendless life is a rootless tree.
Tree can live without fruit but not without root.
So never lose ur good friends.!