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God’s guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest…
doesn’t show everything at once…
But Gives enough light for next step to be safe…
Gud n8.

Ja Mere Machchar Ja.

\,/ ///
/ ‘? ‘?

or mere un dosto ko kat le
Jo mujhe bina Good night kahe
So jate hai…
Good Night
Jaab se huwa tumse pyaar
Ye dil kahi lagta nahi yaar
Apna dil he bhej raha hu yaar
Sambhal ke rakhna yaar
_| |_

Ja mere dil…
Dilvar ko wish karo
Sweet kiss karo
Sweet Dreams kaho

True persons & well wishers in our life are like the stars that shine constantly.
But we often fail to see them till the dark hours come into our lives.
Gøød night!

Alle Baba Choye Nhi
Abi Tak?
Cho Jaø
Cho Jaoge Tø Chweet Dreamchs Ayege
To Bala Mja Ayega
Me To Chø Raha Hu
Aap B Chø Jaø
dud Nit.!

Hø Gy¡ Ha¡ Ab Tø
Blck Blck
Ab Bnd Bh¡ Kr
Dø Wh¡te Wh¡te
Swéèt Swéèt
Sapnø K¡ Pkr lø
Øk ! My Dear
GøøD Night

À spec¡ál facé,
À spec¡ál smilé,
À spec¡ál someoné,
À spec¡ál hug from mé 2 u,
À spec¡ál person,
Ì found in u,
Swéét dreams and GøøD night

Ho gai hai *”NIGHT”*
Band kar do *”LIGHT”*
Achay sapno ki pakro
Have a sweet dreams having my tight hug.
*”GÖÖD Night”*

Y Do V Close Our Eyes?
Wen V Pray
Wen V Cry
Wen V Dream
Bcoz The Most Beautiful Things
In Life R Unseen & Felt Only By HEART..
Good Night

Upr aasman se jo tute vo 1 sitara.
Use dekh Maine Rab ko pukara.
Rakhe wo salamt apko hamesha.
Kabhi na tute ye Rishta hmara………….

Andera is hòing.
Dogs r bhòking
Bats r uding
Stars r timtimaing
Jhingurs r chilaing
N ur
Still Jaing to bed &
do sòing sòing Gòòd Night

Evry Tym Sàme
Iàm Bord !
Lét It B Dfrnt
Dis Tym !
Lét Devils Guàrd U
Mumis Dànce Around U
Vmpires Kiss U
Hv A Horibl Ni8
Ghost Ni8 …

Nikal aya CHAND
bikhar gaye SITARE
So gaye panchi
so gaye nazare
Kho jao aap b
mithe khawabo me
dekho raat me
Gòód Night!!

4 À Nice Frnd Nice Ni8
4 À Sweet Frnd Sweet Ni8
4 À Lòving Frnd Lòvely Ni8
4 À Heartly Frnd Heartly Ni8
4 À GòóD Frnd “GòóD Ni8

Wen éyes struggle 2 rémain open;
When mind shuts off completely;
It’s a signal to renéw ur energy;
By sleéping and dréaming.
Gòód Night!! N Swéét Dreams!